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My name is Melissa, and I've been a "kitchen person" for as long as I can remember.  All you other kitchen people out there know what that means.  I came by it honestly, since both my mother and her mother were tried and true kitchen people as well. 

I'm from the deep South, and many of my fondest memories are of my grandmother boiling fresh shrimp and making the best stuffed crab I have ever tasted.  She and my grandfather owned and operated eating joints in Mississippi and Louisiana for years.  They were both great cooks....not trained chefs, just really good cooks, and my mother grew up in that sort of environment and was a wonderful cook also.

I'm not sure how I would categorize myself as far as cooking skills go, but one thing I know for certain is that I really love being in the kitchen and have a true passion for cooking.

Oh, and I do so love wooden spoons, thus the blog name.  I have so many and use them, except a few special ones, which belonged to my mother.  I only use those when I cook something I learned from her.

For years, I wanted to learn how to make my own  and I've finally managed to make it happen. You can see some examples of my work on the "My Hand Carved Wooden Kitchen Utensils" page which can be accessed from the main page.

This is primarily a food blog, but eventually I'll be adding pages for other interests of mine besides just my spoon carving.

I hope you enjoy the visit and try out a few recipes!

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