My Hand Carved Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Coming Soon..... Letter Openers!!

Just in case you were wondering....

These are the tools I use to carve with.  They are commonly referred to as "hook knives", but are "officially" called scorps and come in various shapes and sizes.  These in particular are perfect for carving spoons.  Some have double-sided edges and some are only sharp on one side, allowing the carver to place pressure on the opposite edge for a deeper cut.  It took some time to get comfortable with these tools, as they are almost razor sharp.  They must be sharpened regularly.  Now that I've learned which is best for what part of the spoon carving, I love working with them.

New..... Coffee Scoops!!
These little scoops have been quite popular.  I make them with whatever type of wood I may happen to have on hand, generally Pecan, Walnut, or Maple.

Spoon City Kitchen's wooden spoons and spreaders handcrafted by me.  No two are alike and spoons come in the following sizes:

Small (7 - 8 inches)
Medium (9 - 10 inches)
Large (12 - 13 inches)

Here are a few examples:

These are made from Pecan and Ambrosia Maple

 Black Mesquite

 Black Mesquite

Ambrosia Maple

Spoons are available made with the following types of wood: Ambrosia Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Walnut, and Black Mesquite

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Spreaders are perfect for butter, jellies & jams, whipped cream cheese spreads, and any soft spreadables.  They are available in a Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.  All spreaders are priced the same regardless of the type of wood used. 

If you would like more information about my hand-carved spoons and spreaders, I can be reached at

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